samedi 9 janvier 2016

un billet trilingue (plutôt en anglais)

feels like writing today...

So yesterday I just checked my scores in my university's website specialized for seeing scores, and I found that I got another A for my writing lesson (Production Écrite 5) after an A for Evaluasi Pembelajaran Bahasa Perancis which came out really fast after several exams. I really really hope to get many As in my account. Aamiin...

I also heard that my sister isn't really satisfied with her scores just because her studies is even harder than mine. Well... choosing a field of study is a matter of passion. You can't just choose it by other people's opinion or because of someone's field that you're going to be in. I feel like French is my passion. But what I'm going to talk about is that college life is not an easy life like those people in FTV or any other stories in any kinds of TV channel. In Bahasa I'd say: KULIAH TUH GAK GAMPANG. APALAGI DI BIDANG BAHASA.

My sister thought that my college life is easy, just because I have an excellent scores every semester and I have a lot of activities in my student's association. Well, it's not that easy. Imagine that I'm now in an intermediate-to-advanced level in French language, and what I really learn is not just the language, but also the civilisation, the culture, the history, the literature and also linguistics. And the four language competences are even harder than she thought... Take an example, writing. French is such a logic language that everything needs to be well-structured (such as: no repetitions, the use of nouns, also the not-so-complicated sentences). Writing (Production ou Expression Écrite) in my level is now called RÉDIGER, which means to write with a good order, convenient, clear, and logic (the noun is RÉDACTION, by the way...). I also have to write something even harder than the DELF (it's a diploma for French language like TOEFL but the certificate lasts for a lifetime), which is an argumentative text and the text is more directed to real life or I can only say the French word, actualité. I read and understand the text first and then I have to make a bit of my writing structure and then I write the introduction of the text with a bit of a résumé (synopsis) and the problem, then my arguments for a minimum of 2, then I write the conclusion with the answer of the problem mentioned before. Et voilà, la rédaction! (Voir un exemple ici.) I mean, it's not just the language that you have to be good at, but also the general knowledge (les connaissances générales).

To develop my language competences, I have to practice even harder than when I was in the first year. Like listening (Compréhension Orale)... the secret to be able in it is just to listen several times carefully until I understand the audio discours (because in the DELF/DALF test, there will be ONLY a two-times listening). And if I find a new vocabulary, I have to take note, consult the word in the unilingual dictionary then the bilingual dictionary. The richness of vocabularies is very important for every language learners. Even when reading (Compréhension Écrite), there will be a lot of vocabularies to take note. Speaking (Production ou Expression Orale) is now even harder to me because I will experience the debate between me and the professor. So the speaking is also an argumentative topic. Avant tout, the higher the level, the more difficult and more challenging one gets.

Voilà, pour ma vie à l'organisme d'étudiants, I am now active in my department's students' association two times. One as a tutor in Club de Français, and now I'm the responsible for La Salle de Lecture (en anglais: reading room, because I don't want to say "library" or "la bibliothèque" which already exists in the center of the university). There's a line between "being a committee" and "taking care of a students' association" (in Bahasa, I call it "jadi pengurus di himpunan"). Being a committee to me is another thing beside being the care-taker of a students' association, it's like... doing the activities out of taking care of the association. For two years, I was the First-Aid staff (call us "Suster Emesh"), two-year-in-a-row Talkshow committee (which is 2015 and this year), etc. As I have mentioned before, I'm now taking care of La Salle de Lecture from 2015-2016, and it's even harder to push the people to be professional, and also to be responsible after they chose to take care of the students' association! I told the objective like... several times, et après s'ils n'écoutent pas, je leur dirais de se baiser car je ne suis pas un dictaphone.

Voilà ce que je peux m'exprimer aujourd'hui. The point is just: THE COLLEGE LIFE OF A LANGUAGE LEARNERS IS NOT AS EASY AS EVERYONE THINKS. In Bahasa: Intinya kuliah tuh nggak ada yang gampang, kalo misalnya kalian kuliah cuman karena "yang penting kuliah" atau cuman buat dapet gelar, ITU KORUPSI NAMANYA. Sorry about my mood today, and right now, this instant, I just need good vibes. See you on my next post. À très bientôt, j'espère!


(N.B: le billet intitulé Troisième sera continué après P2M, in syaa' Allah, le 17 janvier 2016)

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