mercredi 20 janvier 2016

Casual French

(credit to: linguaphilioist on tumblr)

Here are some words that you wouldn’t learn in the classroom:
Bouffer/La bouffe - to eat/food
J’ai bouffé tout la bouffe que j’ai eu. -> I ate all the food I had.

EDR - LOL (literally means écroulé de rire)
Ma mère pense que je suis parfait. EDR. -> My mom thinks I’m perfect. LOL.

D’acc - Ok. (Shorthand for D’accord. Mostly used in text)
Viens chez moi pour le déjeuner, d’acc? -> Come to my house for lunch, ok?

La vache/Oh mon dieu - Oh my god.
“J’ai entendu que Therèse est morte.”
“la vache!” ->
“I heard that Theresa died.”
“Oh my god!”

Comme çi comme ça -> So so
(A response for “How are you”) …. I wanted to specifically point this one out. This phrase is in every text book I have ever seen but it is so rarely used. Please do not use this especially in a familiar setting.

Vachement - really/freaking
Je veux vachement un petit-ami. -> I really want a boyfriend.

With all of these phrases it’s important to note that these are not for formal settings. Friends and people like friends are good to use these with.
I could have included more but there are so many that I’ll leave this for now. I’ll post another slang one soon.

À bientôt!

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