mercredi 5 juillet 2017

L'aveu (ANGLAIS)

(photo par le site d'Ambassade de France en Indonésie et au Timor Oriental)

Hello, everyone !

I have a little bit of confession to make. Maybe just... one or two. I would like to be invited to such feast... the Bastille Day. But.... since it's only for the French citizens and some "chosen" Indonesians, I don't think I could do such thing. It's not that I'm jealous of those lucky people. Honestly, I've been unlucky too much. I only have to pray that someday I can be there, not as the French citizen... it's possible if I was: an employer at the French Embassy or a special invited person.

Second of all... I've participated to a contest (exactly three days ago), made by the French Embassy's official Instagram account. What I want to tell you is that... how could a person get sooooooo many likes in an instant, while their followers on their main account is less than their following... I had a feeling about them, buying likes online. I'm not having a negative view on them and I'm not even hoping to win this contest, but... I'd choose to give up rather than thinking negatively or even eager to win such contest. If I lose, maybe next year I'll try again and again...

Voilà, that's what I wanna tell you guys...

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